MEP Services

The MEP Division provides mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) engineering design services. Our services include fire protection and lighting engineering design. We provide one-stop comprehensive MEP engineering services for our commercial customers.

Our success is measured by how customers value us

Our engineers bring many years of practical experience to our firm from having worked as master electricians, HVAC technicians, plumbers and contractors. Their training and experience gives them the best perspective to create designs that are innovative, cost effective and practical.

Our customers know us for our quality engineering.

Bluewater provides MEP engineering design services to:

     - Architects
     - Developers
     - Building Owners
     - Governmental Agencies
     - County and City Utilities

Our Process

When we start a project, we work quickly to understand the requirements, coordinate all required resources and drive the project to com

Our structured engineering process begins with clear definition of your requirements. Our approach identifies the viable options and technical alternatives that meet your budget and time constraints.

By going directly to Autocad, our experienced engineers are able to skip the old fashioned process of penciling changes to a draftsman. We leverage an extensive tool set to go directly from design concept to computer to provide timely review sets which satisfy the project requirements. After the review cycle, we quickly turn-around final designs to allow our customers to begin the permitting process. Our tools and expertise allow us to quickly and efficiently complete your project.

We value engineer your design to assure that construction and operating costs are kept low. Consistency and dedicated experienced personnel ensure that quality and economics are considered in each step of the design process.  Our guys have been in the field installing what we design so they understand the real world.

We support you through your permitting process. You'll find our knowledge of local codes help to speed you through the process.

Timely production is key. We rigorously follow strict engineering processes to control our schedules.

Our goal is to meet your needs for safety, function, design, maintainability, appearance and economy.

We believe that good construction management services are critical to proper design implementation. This practice ensures that what is designed is what is installed. The intent of each design is clearly communicated, thereby minimizing construction time and cost overruns. Building owners save money when construction management services are utilized.


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