Project Management

Support for your Information

Our project management experience includes over ten years of working with large corporations on their client/server, database and connectivity projects. Bluewater fulfills the needs of client companies who require highly-skilled, top-quality, personnel to assist them with their project management tasks.

Some examples of the range of services that Bluewater can assist with:

  • Total project management to insure a successful product delivery
  • Complete staffing services to successfully complete project objectives

  • Simultaneously manage multiple systems engineering/MIS projects to support business, engineering and manufacturing areas

  • Create and track project plans, including all milestones

  • Drive issues that are critical to the success of a project

  • Alert management of problems and proactively provide alternate solutions to insure success

  • Hire and manage employees and consultants to staff various systems engineering/MIS and software development programs. Manage all phases of systems and software development from concept and proposal through design, implementation, test, maintenance and support.

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