Electrical Engineering

Our design and analysis services put a lot of thought into making sure that your solution is safe, reliable and efficient. We work hard to provide high quality design and analysis for residential and commercial projects.

- Design of power distribution
  and controls
- Short circuit, coordination
  and load flow studies
- Ground fault protection
- Power and efficiency
- Lightning protection and
  transient surge suppression
- Low voltage design and
  analysis - including feeders,
  switch gear, motor control


Energy Systems

We work hard to design and integrate systems that facilitate more efficient use of power to lower your monthly energy costs. 


We're constantly researching new products and technologies that provide more efficient use of energy and helps our environment.


Technologies we're working on include:


- More efficient power generation utilizing biofuels

- New engine which provides significant improvements

  in reliability and efficiency

- Power generation utilizing composted biosolids

- Intelligent controllers that manage power usage and

  reduce consumption during periods of lower usage

- Generator control and monitoring

- Radio telemetry integration and design



Power Generators

With Bluewater on the job, you are ready to expect the unexpected and minimize outages.  We are passionate about our power generation services.  We help you avoid disastrous unplanned power failure and downtime.

We are your source for designing power generators as required by the State of Florida.

- Design and analysis of  power generation systems
  including PE stamped construction drawings


Wireless Networking

Wireless networks provide efficient telemetry and communications. We help you save money by delivering point-to-point and area wide wireless network services.

Bluewater manages the setup, installation, support and billing of wireless services for our customers. We also provide application services like e-mail and secure network storage services. Our experience with networks, security, application integration and data management combined with our engineering expertise in instrumentation and controls allow us to provide completely integrated wireless solutions for our customers.

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